Boris Addresses the Impact of the HS2 Project

This Monday, Boris Johnson, Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, communicated with Sir Terry Morgan, Chairman of High Speed Two Limited, in order to effectively convey the concerns and thoughts of his constituency with HS2.

We must ditch Chequers or be condemned to a crazed Corbynista takeover

Labour's leader is the biggest threat to freedom we face.

But why won’t he just say it? Spit it out, man, I feel like shouting, as I watch Jeremy Corbyn. Just state the bleeding obvious – and denounce evil. And he just won’t. He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. 

The state of Greece shows us why it is crucial to chuck the Chequers deal

So it is “Cabin crew, doors to manual” and, as you settle back and prepare to hand over €20 for an easyMeal, you may be reflecting on that delightful week you just had in the Med – the bustling marinas, the crowded restaurants – and you may conceivably have been persuaded by all those UK cheerlea

We're the rotters who did for the otters and the rest of wildlife too

With news as exciting as this, there is no need to exaggerate. I do not claim to have seen an otter myself. I did not even hear the splash or bark of an otter – nor did I stand on the twilit bank and snuff the thrilling musky fishy aroma that some otter enthusiasts bang on about.