Heathrow Consultation - Have Your Say

On the 18th June Heathrow Airport launched their statutory consultation on the plans for expansion. This consultation is a step Heathrow must undertake to support their planning application for a 3rd runway, and the consultation will run until 13th September.

The consultation outlines the details of the proposals to build a new runway and the associated airport infrastructure including terminals and roads. It also includes information about night flights and how a 3-runway airport will operate including the proposed additional 25,000 flights before a 3rd runway even opens.

The consultation seeks feedback on:

  • Heathrow’s preferred masterplan for expansion: Their proposals for the future layout of the airport including the runway and other airport infrastructure such as terminals and road access.
  • Plans to operate the future airport: how the future three runway airport will be operated, including important elements such as night flights. It will also set out how the 25,000 additional flights could be operated.
  • Assessment of impacts of the airport’s growth: Heathrow’s preliminary assessment of the likely impacts of expansion on the environment and local communities;
  • Plans to manage the impacts of expansion: Heathrow’s plans for mitigating the effects of expansion, including property compensation, its Noise Insulation Policy, a Community Compensation Fund, and measures to mitigate against air pollution, carbon, and other environmental effects.

The full range of consultation documents including the masterplan, the environmental impact report and the proposals for mitigation and compensation can be found here: https://aec.heathrowconsultation.com/

Mr Johnson is encouraging as many residents as possible to take part in the consultation process.