Uxbridge Police Station

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has announced his plans to close all police stations in Hillingdon except Hayes End. To me, this is an appalling decision. I agree we need to make best use of our resources and have as many officers on the streets as possible but closing Uxbridge Police Station is illogical for a number of reasons. It is a purpose built station, with excellent transport links and close to the Magistrates’ Court in comparison with Hayes which is difficult to access and requires significant improvements.

It’s totally untrue to claim the Home Office is cutting the Met’s budget by £700 million and if access to funding really was the issue, the Mayor could use some of the £0.6 billion of the GLA’s usable reserves he is sitting on which have increased by £250 million since 2011/12, or by deploying some of the £298 million of revenue reserves held by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.

The consultation on the Draft Access and Engagement Strategy which sets out a one size fits all policy, for each London borough to have one 24/7 counter each closed in October 2017 and you can read a copy of my full submission below. Following this consultation, I was disappointed when MOPAC confirmed the final decision to close Uxbridge Police Station in December 2017. As a former Mayor of London, I understand the need for visible police presence on our streets and so was concerned about the impact on policing in Uxbridge. On the day the decision was announced, I spoke with Hillingdon’s Borough Commander and have since met the Chief Superintendent to discuss the practicalities of policing in Uxbridge following this decision and sought assurances of maintaining a high police presence.

I understand this is a deeply disappointing decision for residents in Hillingdon and I know many, like me, cannot understand why this decision has been taken but I can assure you I will continue to work closely with the local police and council to ensure Hillingdon remains a safe place to live and work.

I welcome Hillingdon Council’s offer to buy the police station and lease it to the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime with a significant grant of £250,000 for five years to cover approximately 50 per cent of the running costs. I hope the Mayor of London seriously considers this generous offer from the London Borough of Hillingdon to ensure a much needed resource is kept open in Uxbridge and I look forward to his response.


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Uxbridge needs a police station open to support our bobbies on the beat and keep our streets safe

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Uxbridge Police Station should be a vital hub for our police officers in Hillingdon. Do you support my campaign to save Uxbridge Police Station?