Say No to an Expanded Heathrow

Any proposal for airport expansion is capable of having a profound effect on the welfare and health of communities living close by and this is truer of Heathrow expansion than of any feasible alternative, because Heathrow, through a colossal planning error made long ago, is situated in the densely packed western suburbs of London and is already the most noise-polluting airport in Europe by far.

So I was bitterly disappointed that the Airports Commission took an approach to its task that focused largely on the technical aviation aspects of the case. The recommendation is one that I simply cannot accept. I have undertaken to offer the strongest opposition in my power to a new runway at Heathrow and I hope fervently to be able to persuade the Government of that view.



Heathrow Consultation - Have Your Say

On the 18th June Heathrow Airport launched their statutory consultation on the plans for expansion. This consultation is a step Heathrow must undertake to support their planning application for a 3rd runway, and the consultation will run until 13th September.