Proposed Heathrow expansion

Any proposal for airport expansion is capable of having a profound effect on the welfare and health of communities living close by and this is truer of Heathrow expansion than of any feasible alternative, because Heathrow, through a colossal planning error made long ago, is situated in the densely packed western suburbs of London and is already the most noise-polluting airport in Europe by far.

The previous Parliament voted to support the building of a third runway in principle, but that it should remain a private sector project.  While I have campaigned against this expansion, I have nevertheless accepted that the last Parliament made its feelings clear.

Heathrow must, however, demonstrate how it can meet its air quality and noise obligations, that the business case is sound and that the project can be fully financed.  I am adamant that no public funds should be used in the construction of this new runway and I will ensure that if this new runway must go ahead, that the highest standards are both set and met.

I am committed to ensuring that any new runways and increased flight capacity will be subject to the latest air traffic control technology which will reduce delays, the amount of time planes are waiting to land, noise, and pollution.  We will also build on the excellent and pioneering work that the UK is undertaking in the latest in aerospace technology with low carbon and electric flights.



Heathrow Consultation - Have Your Say

On the 18th June Heathrow Airport launched their statutory consultation on the plans for expansion. This consultation is a step Heathrow must undertake to support their planning application for a 3rd runway, and the consultation will run until 13th September.