Minimising Disruption from HS2

I am working with local MPs, Hillingdon Council, Hillingdon HS2 Residents Support Group and local residents to ensure the impact of HS2 is minimised and mitigated against.

I fully appreciate that this is a contentious and divisive project and that the decision to proceed with construction will disappoint some of my constituents.

I absolutely understand the level of concern locally across Hillingdon Borough. Throughout my time both as Mayor of London and as the local MP I have been campaigning hard along with the local council for further mitigation for the area. When I first visited Ruislip in 2012 to talk with residents and see the impact on South Ruislip and Manor wards and in particular the back gardens of Roundways, Lawn Close and Herlwyn Avenue, I was left in no doubt that the only successful resolution for our area was a tunnel and I was delighted to negotiate this solution for Uxbridge and South Ruislip as Mayor.

In 2017 the London Borough of Hillingdon entered an agreement with the Secretary of State for Transport and HS2 Ltd to deliver a number of additional mitigation measures.  These will be of great benefit to Hillingdon and improve air quality, reduce potential congestion on our local roads and ensure the long-term future of the HOAC facilities. My focus now is to ensure that HS2 Ltd keeps to these legal commitments to mitigate the impact of the construction – including on HGV traffic movements and controls.

I recognise that there has been a breakdown of trust between residents, HS2 Ltd and its contractors. This needs to be restored as we move into construction phase. HS2 Ltd has so far proved an abject lesson in how not to do a major infrastructure project. I have appointed a Minister whose full-time job will be to oversee the project and hold HS2 Ltd properly to account. There will also be changes to the way HS2 Ltd is managed including a new ministerial oversight group which will be tasked with taking strategic decisions about HS2.

I have made it clear to HS2 Ltd that it needs to demonstrate improvements in its stakeholder engagement which so far has been unacceptable. This is something that is made explicitly clear in the Oakervee Review conclusions.

My priority during construction phase remains to ensure the views and wishes of my constituents are properly considered and where possible addressed. My office and I stand ready to assist.

If you think that I might be able to assist you with issues relating to HS2 please do get in touch.

HS2 have introduced a new, user-friendly interactive map to the HS2 website, making it easier and simpler for you to find out what current and upcoming works they are carrying out in the Hillingdon area. The new In your area map brings all of the work notifications together on one page, making it easier for you to navigate and ensure you are kept up-to-date on the work HS2 are doing to deliver the new railway. There is also a text only view, which allows you to view the information in a table and filter results for each area.


Boris Addresses the Impact of the HS2 Project

This Monday, Boris Johnson, Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, communicated with Sir Terry Morgan, Chairman of High Speed Two Limited, in order to effectively convey the concerns and thoughts of his constituency with HS2.

Boris Backs Residents Plea For No Heathrow Spur

Boris Johnson, Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip has today received assurance from the Secretary of State for Transport the Heathrow Spur remains a no-goer.

Statement on Government Programme to Expand Heathrow

I am acutely aware of how many residents of Uxbridge and South Ruislip will be affected by the expansion of Heathrow, and so I want to ensure as many of my constituents as possible that I will continue to lobby against the expansion as I have done throughout my career. 

Boris reacts to discovery of ‘Ruislip Bed’

Boris Johnson, Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip responds to discovery of ‘Ruislip Bed’ after engineers working on HS2 discovered an ancient, sub-tropical coastline dating back 56 million years.