Bringing Yiewsley back!

Residents and businesses living and working in the ward of Yiewsley have over recent years had Yiewsley removed from their addresses and following a number of requests, I am supporting residents to bring back Yiewsley!

I think it is important we stand up for our area and ensure Yiewsley keeps its separate identity from its surrounding areas and remains firmly on the map.  From speaking with residents over the last year, I know this was causing much disappointment that Yiewsley is not recognised by Royal Mail. 

I am proud to represent the people of Yiewsley and I see a distinct division between the neighbouring West Drayton that lies outside of my constituency.  At a council level, Yiewsley and West Drayton are separate wards, with different councillors standing up for the different views of the two areas. Yiewsley has a distinct high street with its own Post Office, library, schools and community spirit.

I know many of you are very proud to live and work in Yiewsley and so I believe we should celebrate this and take a stand against it being removed. So in conjunction with your local ward councillors, I lobbied Royal Mail to resolve this matter and ensure Yiewsley retains its identity.

After running a consultation of all residents and businesses in Yiewsley, I was delighted to receive overwhelming support in favour of putting Yiewsley back where it belongs! With over 90% wanting to see Yiewsley reintroduced, I wrote to Moya Greene, Chief Executive of Royal Mail Group to express just how proud people of Yiewsley and wish to see it returned to their addresses. It was also interesting to hear of other residents’ experiences of this issue such as difficulties with missing mail, bank registration and increased insurance premiums.

I am delighted to have received an update from Royal Mail to confirm that following my consultation with the support of the local community, we are bringing Yiewsley back!


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Boris welcomes Yiewsley back!

Boris Johnson, Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip has today received positive news for residents of Yiewsley.